Mountains of Frignano

Land crossings and border transit zone from the rich cities of the Po Valley to Tuscany and Rome to the Frignano is tradition and history, culture and strongly defined robust and multi-faceted character, vocation independence and wealth of contamination.
The human presence in the area dates back to the Neo-Eneolithic, between the Upper Palaeolithic and the Bronze Age. Only with the Ligurian Friniati (Friniates), however, the territory acquired a connotation defined by the constant presence of man. The first news of this people date back to 1220 BC under the name of Ambrones (as they called themselves in their own language, according to Herodotus); over the centuries became one of the most important peoples of Padania primitive and much of Western Europe. Strabo speaks of the Ligurian as a people proud and free, where "... the women were strong as men and men as wild beasts ...", telling who settled near the stream along the High Scoltenna Frignano with customs and similar ones the Celts of alpine areas. Equipped with a federal constitution with the "vicus" as the first cell, lived in "pages" (districts) provided a degree of autonomy.